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Seiko has his own view of a functional sports watch and believes that without modern technologies, including Bluetooth, there is nowhere.
Thanks to the connection with a smartphone, the watch can record and display the trajectory of outdoor activities in 3D, you can synchronize the time and clock settings.
A unique function of displaying weather, precipitation and their probability, temperature, wind direction and speed, humidity.
The bright backlight allows you to use the watch comfortably in the dark.

Seiko SBEM003

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  • S833 solar powered movement.
    Body polyurethane, mineral glass
    Powerful steel bezel-case
    Silicone strap
    Water resistance 200 meters
    Stopwatch with an accuracy of 1/10 sec and the ability to measure within 100 hours
    Alarm clock
    Perpetual calendar
    LED backlight
    Weather forecast: weather, precipitation / probability of precipitation, temperature,
    wind direction / wind speed, humidity
    Altitude measurement function (ascent rate, altitude)
    Pressure measurement function (pressure curve, pressure)
    Temperature measurement function
    Azimuth measurement
    Bluetooth for communication with a smartphone
    Dimensions: 27 mm diameter of the dial, completely with all projections 49.5 mm, watch height 59 cm, thickness 14 mm, weight about 80 g.
    Domestic market model of Japan

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