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Hi-Beat 36000 mechanism

From spring to summer, the land is covered with fresh and lush greenery, and a refreshing summer breeze blows through the fields. The refreshing wind of this time in Japan is called "Kaoru-fu". The rich green dial of this model reflects the moment of the year when summer begins, and you can enjoy its beauty with your own eyes.

Summer eventually gives way to the time of rice sowing (osti), and the day becomes the longest and the night the shortest (summer solstice). The temperature increases (slight heat), the hottest day comes (great heat), and summer is coming to an end.

The dial conveys the fleeting time of such a summer scene.

Grand Seiko Heritage SBGH271

¥836,000 Regular Price
¥752,400Sale Price
  • Механизм 9S85, 37 камней, запас хода 55 часов, точность хода: среднесуточная разница от +5 до -3 секунд, ручной и автоматический подзавод, стоп-секунда
    Корпус и браслет нержавеющая сталь
    Сапфир в форме коробки с антибликовым покрытием
    Водозащита 100 метров
    Заводная головка на резьбе
    Размеры: высота 47 мм, ширина 40 мм x толщина 12,9 мм, вес около 153 гр
    Длина браслета 190 мм
    Lug-to-lug 21 mm
    Сделано в Японии

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