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Casio MRG-G2000R with accurate time reception from satellites is one of the few models with GPS in the current line of premium Casio MR-G. 

The Dura Soft strap with folding clasp features a traditional Japanese bishamon kikko pattern that combines hexagonal shapes in groups of three. Since ancient times, this design has been used on clothing and armor worn by Bishamonten, one of the gods of war and protector of Buddhism. The strap is secured to the case using LR Delta Lock technology, developed by Casio in collaboration with NejiLaw. This type of fastening is considered the most reliable. The case is made of titanium, which undergoes a deep-layer hardening process, which makes their surfaces four to five times stronger than regular titanium.
The watch is assembled by hand at a premium factory in Yamagata, Japan.

Casio MRG-G2000R-1AJR

  • Module 5531 Tough Solar, GPS, Bluetooth, Multiband 6
    Triple G Resist - protection against shock, vibration and overload (centrifugal force)
    Tough Solar - powered by solar energy, energy saving mode, a full battery charge lasts for 18 months of operation in the dark.
    Multiband 6 - receiving radio signals from time towers in Japan, Europe, USA, China.
    GPS - receiving exact time anywhere on the planet  
    Bluetooth for connecting to a phone and setting the main time, world time, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, and correcting the position of the hands.
    Titanium case with protective coating, fluorine rubber strap resistant to salt water and other external influences
    Sapphire crystal
    World time: 27 cities (40 time zones, daylight saving time, automatic adjustment function) 
    + display time UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), home city time
    Stopwatch (1 second, 24-hour counter)
    Timer (set unit: 1 minute, maximum set 24 hours, measured in 1 second increments)
    Low battery warning function
    Full automatic calendar, date and day of week indication on dial
    Luminosity on hands and hour markers
    LED backlight
    Dimensions: diameter 49.8 mm, height 54.7 mm, thickness 16.9 mm, weight 139 grams
    Made in Japan 


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