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The MRG-BF1000 looks very similar to its predecessor, the GWF-A1000 Frogman, with a similar dial design and asymmetrical shape, but there are a few key differences in its construction. The MRG-BF1000 does not have a carbon monocoque body like the GWF-A1000, but instead has a titanium body with a traditional screw-down case back
- В titanium caseback, blue vapour-coated sapphire crystal, engraved with the Frogman logo and other lettering on the caseback, is pressed in
- While the GWF-A1000 has a stainless steel bezel and polymer parts, the MRG-BF1000 has a full metal titanium bezel with fluoro rubber parts placed between the case and bezel for full impact resistance. The titanium bezel is deep hardened and diamond-like carbon (DLC) treated for increased durability. Titanium is also used to make small metal parts such as screws, buttons and crowns. The large button guards on the left side are more reminiscent of the second generation Frogman DW-8200 and other similar Frogman models than the lower profile buttons of the GWF-A1000
- The MRG-BF1000 is equipped with a Dura Soft fluorocarbon strap, which is more comfortable than the standard resin strap, and the buckle and holder are made of Ti64 titanium alloy. The strap is easily removed by pressing the buttons under the lugs and removing the side pins
- In total, the watch uses more than 70 parts, which is more than any MR-G model

- MRG-BF1000 is slightly smaller and thinner than GWF-A1000, but slightly heavier (132 grams vs 119)


¥594,000 Regular Price
¥564,300Sale Price
  • Quartz movement 5702, powered by solar energy, service life of at least 10 years

    Tough Solar (solar charging system)

    Titanium case, strap Durasoft (fluoroelastomer)

    Sapphire glass with internal anti-reflective

    Shock resistant design

    Water resistant 20 ATM for diving

    Anti-magnetic watch (JIS class 1)

    Radio receiving function: Automatic reception (up to 6 times / day) (China, USA, Japan, North America, Europe)

    Dual Time (27 Time Zones, Auto Daylight Saving Time, Home Time Substitution Enabled)

    Dive function: Measuring dive time (maximum 2 hours, measured in units of 1 second), displaying surface rest time (maximum 24 hours), receiving dive log (maximum 30)

    Stopwatch (1 second, total 24 hours)

    Timer (set unit: 1 minute, maximum set: 24 hours, measured in 1 second)


    Energy saving function (in a dark place, after a certain period of time, the movement of the hands stops to save energy)

    Display date / day of the week 

    Fully automatic calendar

    LED lamp (with super backlight and afterglow function)

    Size / Weight Size (H × W × D): 56 × 49.7 × 18.6mm, weight 132g

    Made in Japan

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