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2021 model with heart rate monitor, pedometer, GPS, Bluetooth, compass, barometer, training mode and smart functions: notifications of calls, messages and other notifications from a smartphone are shown in Russian for hours. Solar-powered watch, does not require charging (see description)



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  • Quartz movement 3475, powered by solar energy, service life of at least 10 years.
    mineral glass
    impact resistant
    Water resistance 20 atm
    Case material: steel and polyurethane
    Time correction:  GPS satellite radio reception: automatic reception , manual reception, Bluetooth®: automatic time correction when connected to a smartphone
    World time: 38 cities around the world (38 time zones, with automatic daylight saving time function) + UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) display
    (Belt data is updated when connected to a mobile phone)
    Stopwatch: 1 second, total 100 hours, split
    Alarm clock: 4, with snooze function
    Others:  battery indicator display, power saving function, full automatic calendar, 12/24 hour display switching, operation sound on/off function, vibration function, flight mode
    Backlight: LED backlight, full auto backlight, super backlight, afterglow function, afterglow time switch (1.5 seconds / 3 seconds)
    Battery: li-ion battery
    Charging method / time: solar power (solar charging system), time mode (including step counting, notification function) can only be supported by solar charging * .
    * When charging in a daylight room (500 lux) for about 8 hours every day and by a window (10,000 lux) on a sunny day for 2 hours a week.
    Charging system using a dedicated charging cable (requires a device with a USB connector (type A)), time required for a full charge: up to 2.5 hours
    Battery life:
    time mode (including the number of steps and the notification function): about 12 months.
    Time mode + heart rate measurement function: about 66 hours (including power saving function and heartbeat sleep state)
    * Varies depending on conditions of use. * No solar energy
    Mobile function: The function is linked via Bluetooth® connection to compatible mobile phones.
    Easy clock setting: world time city setting (about 300 cities), home and world time display replacement, timer setting, alarm setting, operation sound on/off setting. Vibration settings
    Notification function:  incoming call, receiving mail, new messages, calendar notification, reminder, data update function: time zone, daylight saving time rule data update
    Sensor: Optical sensor (heart rate meter), acceleration (pedometer), magnetism (direction meter), pressure (altimeter/barometer), temperature (thermometer)
    Azimuth measurement: Measurement range: 0° to 359°, display 16 azimuths, 60 seconds continuous measurement function, automatic horizontal correction function, azimuth correction function (3-point correction, figure 8 correction) , magnetic declination correction function
    Altitude measurement (relative altimeter): Measuring range: -700m to 10000m, unit: 1m, measurement interval: 2 minutes / 5 seconds, altitude correction function (reference altitude setting function), height difference measurement function: -3000m to +3000m, height change graph
    Atmospheric pressure measurement: Measurement range: 260 to 1100 hPa, unit of measure: 1 hPa, constant atmospheric pressure measurement (every 2 hours), atmospheric pressure correction function, atmospheric pressure change graph, trend information function atmospheric pressure.
    Temperature measurement: Measuring range: -10.0℃ to 60.0℃, unit: 0.1℃, temperature correction function

    ​training function

    Wrist-based heart rate measurement function: maximum measurement value: 220 beats per minute, heart rate, target heart rate setting function, heart rate zone graphic display, heart rate change graph, maximum heart rate / minimum heart rate.

    Workout Measurement: Calculate and display distance, speed, pace, etc. with GPS or acceleration sensor. GPS reception interval NORMAL: Every 1 second, LONG: Every 1 minute
    Auto/Manual Lap Function, Auto Pause Function, Start Measurement Auto Start Function, Arrival Alert Setting Function (Time, Altitude, Calorie Consumption), Workout Display Setting Function

    Training analysis: training status, fitness level trend, training load trend, VO2max, recovery time

    Training log: up to 100 runs, up to 140 laps each. Time, distance, pace, calories burned, heart rate, maximum heart rate, aerobic training effect, anaerobic training effect

    Timer: Timer for measuring interval, which can be set up to 5 times, set unit: 1 second, maximum setting: 60 auto repeat, auto start

    Training plan creation (app): creation of a plan for maintaining / improving athletic ability and a plan with a given date / target time

    Training log data management (app): training log data, lap data management, training analysis results display

    Number of steps: The number of steps is measured by a 3-axis acceleration sensor. Pitch display range: 0 to 99,999 steps, Pitch Reset: Automatic reset at 0 o'clock every day, Pitch Accuracy: ± 3% (by vibration meter)

    Heart rate measurement: minimum/maximum heart rate, heart rate graph display (when continuous heart rate measurement is enabled)

    Calorie Consumption Display (APP): Calculate your calorie consumption from the measured number of steps and display it on the APP * Calorie consumption during exercise is calculated from your heart rate

    Backlight: yes, white light
    Size/Weight Size (H×W×D): 63 x 55 x 20.4mm
    Weight: 110 g

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