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Payment and delivery

How much does a watch cost ?

For your convenience, all prices on the site are indicated in the supplier’s currency, the Japanese yen, so the price is constant and does not depend on the situation in the foreign exchange market. At the bottom of each page is a currency converter, just fill in the JPY column and the conversion to rubles, dollars or euros will be displayed.

How to order?


To order, add the product to the basket and fill out the necessary data proposed at the time of placing the order (name, delivery address, contact phone number), then follow the payment page, and for payment through PayPal, click "Continue via Paypal".


Payment and delivery


Payment is made through PayPal.

PayPal is a secure payment system accepted as the standard all over the world. This payment method protects the buyer from the seller’s dishonesty, allows you to control the time of shipment of the order, in case of problems PayPal security service considers the buyer’s claim to the seller and decides to force the buyer to refund the money.


In case you do not want to pay through PayPal, select "Offline payment" and indicate the desired type of payment in the comments to the order, we will contact you after confirming your order.




Delivery of orders from Japan is carried out by the courier service EMS Post, delivery times are usually 7-10 business days, shipment 1-5 business days. After sending the order, you will receive a unique number to track the movement of the package via the Internet. Upon arrival of the order in your city, the courier will contact you and agree on the delivery time of your order. When the courier is possible to open the parcel.

ATTENTION: Due to the spread of COVID-19, flights from Japan were canceled and, as a result, EMS delivery is not supported. We all also offer free delivery, 1-3 months, to the post office. We also offer delivery in 3-5 weeks to the point of delivery of SDEC. The delivery option is selected when placing an order through the basket.

Taxes and duties


We ship goods worldwide, including to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, USA, European countries.

It is important to remember that the legislation of several countries establishes the levy of additional fees for the import of goods from abroad if a certain threshold of value is exceeded, for example:

  • Australia - no taxes when declaring up to AU $ 1000

  • USA - no taxes when declaring up to US $ 800

  • Russia - no taxes when declaring up to EUR200 per month

  • Ukraine - no taxes when declaring up to EUR150 per day

  • Japan - no taxes

The given data are taken from open sources, please check the legislation of your countries.

We always strive to help our customers, therefore, at your request, we can reduce the declared value of the goods by making special entries in the documents. For each specific case, please write to us by e-mail.

In addition, we offer special conditions for residents of Ukraine and Belarus.

Return of goods and money


Return of goods is allowed only in case of marriage or any other malfunction is detected within 3 working days from the receipt of the parcel. In this case, you have the right to refuse the transaction or get a new watch.

Return of serviceable hours for reasons of "the size did not fit," "do not like," and so on. not allowed, because our store guarantees its customers the cleanliness and new condition of the watch, no one except the dealer and you should pick up a new watch. Thus, each buyer of our store is sure that he buys a new watch.


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